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  21/11 : Weather Germany 7°C44°F Cloudy

  21/11 : Weather Spain 19°C65°F Sunny

  21/11 : Weather France 10°C50°F Sunny

  21/11 : Weather England 11°C52°F Patchy light drizzle

  21/11 : Weather Italy 18°C65°F Sunny

  21/11 : Weather Portugal 20°C67°F Sunny

  21/11 : Weather Poland 3°C38°F Cloudy

  21/11 : Weather Russia -1°C31°F Sunny

  21/11 : Weather Ukraine 3°C37°F Patchy rain nearby

Pictures of Marienwalde Brandenburg Germany

Pictures of Marienwalde Brandenburg Germany

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Weather Marienwalde


Pictures of Marienwalde


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